KMS Tools by Ratriborus: Activator for Windows and Office All Versions

Windows 10 KMS Tools is a perfect all-in-one type of toolkit integrating almost all Windows/Office Versions’ universal and ultimate activator. It supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2, and Office 2010/2013/2016.

With the latest updates of Windows 10, it is getting new improvements on system stability as well as activation. So, with the high performance and relatively low hardware configuration requirement also makes the market share of Windows 10 keep rising and rising.

KMSTools is a collection of utilities and scripts for managing and activating Microsoft products using the Key Management Service (KMS) activation method. This includes tools for activating Windows and Office products, as well as managing and monitoring KMS servers. KMSTools can be used to automate and simplify the process of activating and managing KMS-activated products.

Features of KMS Tools Activator

  • Manipulations with partial and complete shutdown of Windows Defender.
  • Creation and management of a KMS server.
  • Checking system files and more.
  • Activation of Office and Windows products.
  • Setting up automatic regular OS and software activations.
  • Activation management and removal of programs.
  • Encryption of various types of files for sending over the Internet, as well as decryption.


  • The program does not require installation, thereby does not affect the performance of the PC.
  • And most importantly, all the necessary tools are collected in one place, and you do not need to search for a new activator every time you change Windows or Office.
  • The program is fully compatible with antiviruses.
  • For each built-in activator, you can read the instructions.


  • Detected by Antivirus & Windows Defender.
  • Big file size.

Due to this, Windows 10 activation tools are becoming more and more popular by the names like Windows 10 Kmspico, Microsoft Toolkit, Reloader Activator Etc. One of the most active ones is KMS Tools for Windows 10.

How to activate Office and Windows using KMS Tools?

  • Step 1: If you don’t have this Office, you can download Microsoft Office 2019.
  • Step 2: Temporary disable Windows Defender and AntiVirus. It is needed for they don’t block the Activator.
    ->Instruction to disable in: Windows 7 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 10  | Windows 11
  • Step 3: Download the file.
  • Step 4: Open as an administrator file “KMS Tools.exe“. If you will see blue screen in Windows 10 -> Click “More Info” -> “Run Anyway“.
  • Step 5: Go to “AAct Portable”.kms toos windows and office activatorPin
  • Step 6: In opened window click button “Activate Officekms tools activatorPin
  • Step 7: Confirm “Install GVLK key and activate again?“.
  • Step 8: Wait till end. Repeat the same process if you need to activate Windows. Choose Windows icons instead of Office.

Download Here [pass=kmsiwndows]


Keep your Internet Connection ON.

Disable your Antivirus or firewall before using any activator.


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